“I Thought I Could Retire At Age 55 Until I Was Told Not Investing In Commercial Real Estate Will Delay My Retirement By 10 Years or More!”

"I was fortunate to sit next to an experienced real estate investor on a flight to North Carolina who showed me why historically commercial real estate has out performed the stock market."

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Sean Heideman, Designated Broker         

Before my flight to North Carolina I had some money in stocks and mutual funds but I never felt good about my investments because of the small return-on-investment I was receiving. If the market went up, my account went up and if the market went down so did my investment. Also, I felt I had no control over the investment or the direction of the markets.

This investor taught me the stock market does not allow you to use the bank's money (leverage) to accelerate your return on investment and produce a passive monthly cash flow with secure long-term leases. On top of a monthly cash flow your investment property will appreciate in value over time.

Investing in real estate has ACCELERATED my goals of an early retirement and I would like to pass this knowledge on to you:

  • Receive a higher return-on-investment with leverage.

  • Rental income generates a passive monthly income.

  • You can buy real estate below market value.

  • Real estate values will never go to zero like a stock - bankruptcy.

  • Real estate is a tangible investment - you have complete control to add value.

  • Much much more!!

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